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Philips WorkChoice Power Strip
6 Outlets
8 ft. 14AWG Cord

Philips WorkChoice Power Strip
6 Outlets
8 ft. 14AWG Cord

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The Philips WorkChoice Power Strip offers 6 outlets and an 8ft 14AWG cord, making it perfect for indoor or garage use. With a built-in 15 amp circuit breaker and key hole slots for mounting, this power strip expands one grounded outlet into six for convenience and safety. The heavy-duty cord ensures durability and peace of mind, backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

Constructed with the Do-it-yourself and the light contractor in mind, this power strip features an on/off switch with built in 15amp circuit breaker, cable management and 8' power cord. It is ideal for use indoors or in the garage.

Expand your number of outlets

15 amp circuit breaker
Safeguards against overburdening the power multiplier by sensing when the connected equipment is drawing more electricity than the power multiplier can handle. It then disconnects from the power, guarding against electrical fires.

6 outlets
Converts one outlet into six outlets allowing you to plug in multiple devices from one single AC outlet.

Built in Key hole slots for mounting
Key Holes can be use to mount the unit directly to the wall by placing them over the screw heads and lowering into place

Expands 1 grounded outlet into 6
A power multiplier that expands 1 grounded outlet in to 6 grounded outlets by plugging directly into the wall

Heavy Duty 8ft 14/3 cord

A Heavy Duty power cord that is design to extend the outlet away from the wall

8 ft. 14 AWG power cord

Manufacturer's Warranty Only

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