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GE Surge Protector - 8 Outlets, 4 ft. Cord, 2100 Joules, COAX & RJ11 Protection

GE Surge Protector - 8 Outlets, 4 ft. Cord, 2100 Joules, COAX & RJ11 Protection



Protect your valuable electronics with the GE Surge Protector featuring 8 outlets, 4ft. cord, and 2100 joules of protection. This surge protector is perfect for HDTVs, computers, game consoles, and more, with RJ11 and COAX protection included. Stay worry-free with automatic shutdown technology and indicator lights that show if your surge protector is working properly.

This GE surge protector features 8 outlets, a 4ft. cord, and has a 2100 joules protection rating

Ideal for: HDTV, Satellite, Computer/Laptop, Game Console, Audio Systems, Printer, & Scanner

RJ11 and COAX protection protects modems, routers, fax and/or phone lines, cable boxes, and other audio/video devices from surges

Automatic shutdown technology will stop power permanently to the outlets if the protection capacity is exceeded by a power surge or if the protection components expire

Features a surge protection and ground indicator lights letting you know if your surge protector is functioning properly

Clean power is an integrated power filter to protect from electromagnetic interference

Manufacturer's Warranty Only

Manufacturer: GE
Protection: 2100 joules
Warranty: $200,000USD
Outlets: 8
Adapter Spaced Outlets: Yes (3)
Cord Length: 4 ft.
Phone, Fax, Modem: Yes
Coax: Yes
Other Features: Outlet Safety Covers

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