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6 ft. USB A to Right Angle Micro USB Cable

6 ft. USB A to Right Angle Micro USB Cable



The 6' USB A to Right Angle Micro USB Cable is designed to easily connect your devices, such as smartphones and PDAs, with its Micro-USB plug. With a rating of 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles, this cable is durable and reliable for everyday use. Stay connected and charged with this convenient and high-quality cable.

6 ft. USB A to Right Angle Micro USB Cable

The Micro-USB connections are intended to replace the Mini-USB plugs used in new devices including Smartphones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). This Micro-USB plug is rated for 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles. It is about half the height of the mini-USB connector, but features a similar width. In the Universal Serial Bus Micro-USB Cables and Connectors Specification, details have been laid down for Micro-A plugs, Micro-AB receptacles, and Micro-B plugs and receptacles, along with a Standard-A receptacle to Micro-A plug adapter.

The carrier led group OMTP have recently endorsed micro-USB as the standard connector for data and power on mobile devices. These include various types of battery chargers, allowing Micro-USB to be the single external cable link needed by some devices

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