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6 ft. RG6/U BNC-Type Coaxial Video Cable

6 ft. RG6/U BNC-Type Coaxial Video Cable

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Experience crystal-clear video quality with our 6' RG6/U BNC-Type Coaxial Video Cable. Perfect for connecting various video sources to TVs with matching BNC-type input jacks, this cable is ideal for security systems and ensures a vivid picture every time. With 75 ohms coaxial cable and 18 AWG construction, this cable is designed for high-quality performance.

Connects digital cable boxes, DSS receivers, VCRs or any video source with BNC-type output connections to any TV with matching BNC-type input jacks

Allows for a clear vivid picture

Ideal for use with security systems

75 ohms coaxial cable

18 AWG

RG6/U 60% Dual Shield CATV

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