Focus Extreme Ultra Long Range HDTV Multi-Directional 8 Bay Antenna

  • Model: TV-8HD-180D

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Sale: $75.95 CDN
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This versatile high gain multi-directional 8 bay antenna is designed to rotate towards up to two towers in multiple directions

Optimized for UHF HDTV frequencies

Get network (Crystal clear FREE HDTV signals) and local programming (Enjoy 1080i HDTV local frequencies)

Better picture quality than cable or satellite

Reception range: Up to +128km
Antenna gain: 14-20dB

Easy to assemble and the extra strong construction makes it suitable for all kinds of weather

Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size

Designed to resist extreme wind loading

Package Includes
- BEST-8HD-90D
- Combiner Kit; includes two 35" pure copper coax cables
- Heavy Duty U Bolt and Mount Clamp
- Installation Instructions
- Does not include J-Pipe - Please see product: TV-JPIPE

Manufacturer's Warranty Only

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